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At Crumbs Away Ltd we firmly believe that if you can make cleaning fun for children, and make it something they enjoy doing they will do it naturally, just like when they learn through play and in the early years of education, nursery schools will focus on making learning fun in the early years, then it just becomes a way of life, routine, habit.

So how do you make cleaning fun, there are many tips as to how you can make cleaning fun for children, sure you can put on the radio, sing and dance etc but what you really need is fun tools and products. At Crumbs Away we have the double ladybird FUNtastic crumb collector which is the one and only cleaning product you need to encourage children to clean away the crumbs/mess they make (also great for lego and hobbycraft). The children see the crumbs disappear and for them it is simply magic!

Also as a busy parent the last thing you want to do is rush backwards and forwards getting the vacuum out to clean up a few crumbs, only to find once you have done so, the kids have made a mess again. No need to worry with our ornamental ladybird crumb collector , just leave it out on display and its always within reach, it looks good next to the TV and you will soon find the kids will be reaching for it the minute the drop those crisps, biscuits etc…

It’s a huge helping hand in the car as well.  It can be hard to stop little ones eating and making a mess in the car but even hard to find the time to get the vacuum out to clean it up.  Now within seconds you or the kids clean away crumbs.  The slim designed single crumb collector is perfect for the car as you can store it in your glove box or in the door panel and its always handy for when you want to clear crumbs away, in seconds.

making cleaning fun

See our videos online of children having fun cleaning we have more videos coming soon so like our facebook page for news/announcements


See all our videos on YouTube about our crumb collectors & how to use them



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