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If you have got kids you know how easy it is for them to make a mess and how hard it is to constantly clean up after them. After eating kids often leave mess, a trail of crumbs, whether it's sitting watching TV eating biscuitsr a swandwich at the kitchen table or out in the car. But with this stylish crumb collector it takes the hard work out of cleaning just roll it back and forth and watch the crumbs disappear. It doesn't take batteries and is easy to open and empty ready for use time and time again. Also it lasts years with no mechanical parts to go wrong or replace. It is a fun product that even the children enjoy to use which gives two benefits in one, they clean their own mess and they have fun.

So can cleaning really be fun? Well with this product it sure can and most important of all its quick and easy to use.

This double roller ladybird crumb brush is great for the home, with its novelty design and double rollers it will soon clear all your crumbs away.

Also handy in the workplace.

This singler roller ladybird crumb brush is great for being out, whether its in the car or put it in your bag for when your little ones make an embrassing mess at friends or even a restaurant.


Why not share this site with your friends and family you can claim £5 if one of your friends orders & tells us when ordering.



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